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If I may leave suggestions, please allow us to print a "draft" with blank lines between every one of the google earth generated ones, so that we have more space to write corrections on the track . Printed characters in this drafted version could be in gray, so that we can scribble over them, correcting what is necessary.

Altering an existing roadbook is tedious, please consider tools to deal with sections - insert or delete pieces of the roadbook, correcting the rest of the distances accordingly.

Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
I have one comment about the importing of GPX or whatever you want to call it: The turns are not necessarily at the same place where the gps decides to drop a point
Neil - check the new generation of GPS bluetooth dongles / data loggers. They are logging positions 5 times per second if you want them to. I have one of the older 1 Hz loggers and if I set it to log at max resolution most turns are over detailed. Anyway, there will always be differences between GPS track distance, Google earth and ICO's, or even between two of your own passings with the same bike and instruments...
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