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Thanks beechum and Baja Dad, I get in to SD airport with an buddy at 9:37 am,on the Nov 13th, I'll take any help from fellow racers if it works out for you guys or Frogs info is always a last resort. Also Beecum can a guy buy prepaid phones that work fairly well down the peninsula for international calling? My ATT worked great but I'm on Verizon now which is no so bueno
I'd recommend a GSM phone and buy a telcel card when you get down there for local calls and some SHORT international calls.

with my sprint phone I get free google voice integration which I can use data to get voicemails and send and recieve texts.

for the duration you're going to be down there (if it's only a few days) use a telcel card, load it with 300 pesos (~25$) and you'll likely get 300 pesos "regalado." That's quite a bit of data for one week and you can do emails and such and texting if you have to INTL. V

voice calls, any way you do it, are cheap-ish, but can add up pretty quick.
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Watching Dakar is like watching people who've built their own world, and for just a couple of weeks they get to live in it.
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