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Originally Posted by vipers28 View Post
I purchased a set of the Heidenau tires for my GSA. Once they got broken in a bit they held the road fine. Myself and others have found that they typically leak on BMW rims. My friends leak but mine don't, just something to be aware of. I have put 4k on them and still running strong, most of it off road.
I experienced the K60 front leak on my 2007 GS when I first installed them last year and found it to be very frustrating to have to deal with the issue. I would air up in the morning, ride 50-60 miles and find that the air pressure would leak down from 32 psi to 10 psi or less.

I had the shop that I purchased them through contact the distributor and they said that when you first install the tire you need to air it up to 60 psi, ride it around for a few easy miles and then return to the correct air pressure. They also replaced my half-worn front tire (the troublesome one) and after a quick clean-up of the bead surface and the procedure above it seems like it has all but solved the issue on my bike.
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