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The k60’s…. You will have to try them for yourself to see if they are the right tires for you .
What I like:
Long lasting, changed the rear with 15k Km and it was still good for at least another 2k km. The front has 20k km and is still going strong. The front has all the grip I need on and off road “ IF” you are not chasing a Ducati on paved road or a motocross off road. The rear is good on and off road.
What I did not like:
Very noisy. The front always leaks and the rougher the roads the more it will be leaking. I never find the rear to be very stable on paved road and the more it wore the worse it got.
I’m new with the “adventure motorcycle world”, (I used to be a Ducati/Ninja guy), but I do believe they are the best 50/50 tires out there. I’m on the list to get the Mitas E07 and next year I will make my mind about which one I like the best.
I now have a front K60 and a rear Anakee and I’m happy with that minus the leak at the front. The rear Anakee is way better on road and the K60 is better off road but the Anakee get me thru off the beaten path. Still waiting for Pirelli, Continental, Metzeler and Michelin to do a “true” 50/50 tire. Those are the brands I normally stick with. I like the Contitrailattack the best on paved road, never try the TCK 80 yet but from what I read they do wear fast.
Still waiting for the perfect tires
So many roads so little time...

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