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Yeah. But some of us like to eff with the "less than stellar" sport-bikers on a tight twisty road where their 200 hp advantage don't help them for shit. It is terrible fun.

The route I draw for our Rally is just such a route. Loose dirt, hard rocks, powder caliche, but also some tight, tight one lane paved "not race-track smooth" goat-paths where a long travel GS can be king against a sport-bike in less than expert hands, and some big sweepers where you are dialing up the big pig to some un-impressive top speed numbers with the throttle pinned in 5th. We don't go after the sport-bikes on that last section. But on that little stuff? Yeah. It's on.

It's how I like to ride so , for me, the K60 gives up too much twisty road performance but , like I said, I can see other trips where it might be my tire of choice.
Slowoldguy, if for nothing more than to hear that rhetoric roll off your lips to the early morning breakfast riders
that then storm off to do their damage to those poor roads out there... only to later gather at their special meeting places to celebrate the day ....then I would be there truly at one with them and that day!

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