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Originally Posted by Reefdog View Post
Go light on the gear you carry on that road.
Hotta cave is worth a look if you have the time
and the road to Yasab is great too
Not sure if we'll have time for the caves although i know they are good and will be visiting later some time. This time its just ride, ride and ride

Will check out the road to Yasab.

Originally Posted by mother77 View Post
Sorry to butt in to the thread. Sounds like you are doing Wadi Bani Awf. Excellent fun. I have only done it in a 4x4 myself, but just potentially watch out for lots of traffic this weekend. There are a couple of serviced campgrounds on top of Jebel Shams if you are looking for somewhere cool to rest you heads. Also a nice rock ledge looking over the gorge if you like a firm bed, and don't sleep walk.
Two things have made me take notice and post after a too long absence from both the forum and bikes. One is that there looks like there are a couple of Adv riders in Muscat. I saw a KTM950/990 down on Qurum corniche a few weeks ago. First i've seen in the country in 2 years. Was that any of you guys?
Second, I've seen ride report photos and heard rumors that show there is at least one HP2 in the UAE. Does any one know if there is one for sale , or if there are any KTM 950SE about? As has already been pointed out there are not a lot of bikes about here in Oman. Let alone dream rides.
Sorry. Back to your thread. Let me know if there is a more appropriate place to post these queries, or if you have a GCC riders group. Now my account's active again i'll have a look at the other threads too.

(bikeless at the mo )
thanks for your input mike. Always welcome to butt in and visit us if you are ever in the vicinity.

I've never ridden to Muscat on my bike so it wasn't me.

There is defn. a lack of big adv bikes out here because most ppl ride cruisers and the minority who ride off-road stick to the lighter dirt bikes. I've only seen one 950SE and HP2 here in UAE till date. The HP2 was at the BMW dealer and the 950SE parked on the sidewalk in from of Marina mall

Originally Posted by DiscoDino View Post
Out this weekend...killing myself for not being able!
I'll make sure to post a lot of pics mate, so you can enjoy the ride from the comfort of your couch
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