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Sequoia 3-Day Ride and Campout - October 2012

Big bike ride last weekend, Browneye, Spafxer, BigTodd, Lonestar2112, 2ADVGS. 625 miles over 3 days. North to Kernville, Johnsondale, Camp Nelson, Mounain Home, and return.

This was one of those rides where you’re just glad to get out on the road with your bike, and the first segment getting out of town is kinda boring and traffickey, and then you meet up with everyone and it just gets better and better and better.

It was also a pretty low-key ride, easy routes and really scenic, something to keep your eyeballs moving at all times. And I call it a success when there’s no carnage. No mishaps. Well, ‘cept the bee stings, one flat, and a broken fishing rod.

Breakfast at the Gorman meetup spot and then headed north to Bakersfield, we just kept going up 178 since we wanted to do all of our exploring up the Western Divide Hiway north of Kernville. Stopped there in Kernville for gas and a brew at the Kernville Brewing Co. and then kept going, stopped at Sherman Pass Hiway, then on up to Johnsondale area and hit the dirt to Windy Gap.

Lunch stop. Everybody was all smiles...

First dirt…

Windy Gap…

Yours truly, the 'browneye', at Windy Gap

From the top of the mountains down to Camp Nelson is a sleigh ride of dirt curves. Todd says he can tell when my butt gets sore because I start riding faster and faster. We were really booking down the mountain road. Found our cabin, Jim’s neighbor let us use it for the weekend. Gorgeous. More pics later. But here’s where we pulled up.

The Tule river is just down at the end of the road there so we sauntered down and found a few pools to throw some hardware at the trout. Got some nibbles and strikes but no keepers.
Later we had cocktails and beers on the patio and enjoyed the view. Todd tried out his optics on the hawks out yonder.

After sundown we walked over to Nelson Tavern and Mo’s Diner and had a few pitchers of ale and a burger. Yum. After dinner we were milling around the patio and a couple of bats kept flying through and between the buildings. They were so fast you had to stand still and could only get a glimpse as they flew through there.

So that was day one, part read the rest of the report click the main thread link for Part Two.
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