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We say “goodbye” to Blake after 2 days spent near Barranca del Cobre. He wanted to go to the bottom of the canyon and visit one of the Tarahumara Indian villages down there and we had to move on. The plan was to reach the ocean, the Pacific Ocean. But we were still in the mountains so we still had a ling way to go. So for now we are enjoying the mountain views on one of the routes recommended by Cesar.
The views remind us of Utah and Arizona. But things are different. People here don’t always go by car. Some of them are walking great distances.

And if they do use a car, they don’t really obey the maximum number of passengers allowed by design…

It’s nothing like Phoenix, for instance, where the special lane for cars with more than 2 passengers was almost empty while the other 3-4 lanes were jammed with cars having just a single person in them. To joke a little, Mexicans seem to be paying more attention to the environment as they try to use the cars to their full potential, and then some. The sad part is that they don’t do this out of environment responsibility but for necessity. If they could, they would all have a car of their own. We all would.
We notice that people here are proud. Proud to be Chihuahuans. And, talking about “media”, we’ve seen many hand-painted advertisements here on different walls (instead of huge printed posters). We would see them painting later on.
But what would be life with just work and no fun? Let’s not forget to relax. Mexicans know how to party. Road signs showing the directions for certain destinations may not be that present where you would need them but we found a sign for “fiesta”. Should we take a left?
Eh… the day is still young, it is not even noon and we only know how to party at night. So we don’t take a left, we continue our ride.
And we get another surprise. A very old memory seem to come all the way back from the Romanian Communist era…
This is a very old type of Renault and it was the “grandfather” of a car produced in Romania before the 1990s, “Dacia 1310″. Back then it was one of the only 3 types of cars you could have in the country. But they slow but sturdy cars. And this one, which is running after more than 20 years of life demonstrates this in fullness. We wave and I am sure the driver doesn’t know why. But he waves back. People are friendly here.
Talking about cars, things are strange here. For instance you see a Renault Clio Symbol. You could swear it’s the car you know from back home but when you look closer you notice it’s not a Clio but a Platina, not a Renault but Nissan. You see an Opel Vectra and it’s actually a Chevrolet. We even saw Dacia Logan but was under Renault logo here. It all makes sense though when you think of all the alliances in the automotive world.
Some things are still unchanged though. Jeep is still Jeep. Hmmm, but it looks a little bit… strange? What gets your attention in this picture?
We don’t judge the owner’s color preferences, of course. We stop for the day in a small town called Parral, once a mining town, now more of a touristic one. We find a cheap place to stay and go out for a walk.
There is a lot of people in the plazas and on the streets. Everyone is outside doing something…
… or getting ready for a “caliente” date…
And the milady arrives… riding!
We only stay one night in Parral and the next day we leave for Durango, capital city of the state of… hmm Durango. The road is atraight but doesn’t go below 1500 m.
We follow the gray tarmac through yellow flowers. Sometimes they are so tall that they become a yellow wall closer and closer to the road. Perfect stop place for drinking some water.
We can tell that Durango is a state capital. It’s hard to find a decent accommodation at decent price. Finally we manage to find something and quickly change and go for a walk in the central plaza. We find ourselves in the middle of a cultural festival. We don’t really know what’s happening but there is a stage, there is music and there are Mexican dances. Ole!
It doesn’t take long for us to get into the party spirit and try to learn some dancing steps. We first take pictures!
Everybody is having fun! And we are too!
Viva Mexico!
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Next time we are riding on a crazy road and we are crossing a line. Stay tuned!
We are exploring the New World
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