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the trip plan

giving my buddys bike a wash in planning for changing the rear tire in the motel parking lot

changing of said tire

so changing the tire leads up to the ADV story.. we are done changing at 10pm.. its time to eat our 2nd meal of the day and we have a used tire to get rid of.. lets just leave it at a repair shop and slip $2 under the door.. We eat and find a shop..

Theres a worker sitting outside, its now 11:30.. we come to find out hes been there since 8:30 his ride didnt come.. Now this is guy is say 20.. about 6'4" and maybe 400 lbs? We try to no avail to call his ride, a taxi nothing.. my friend says..stay here ill drop off my wife and we will ride you the 15 miles home.. looks at me.. i nod ok.. we come back.. he jumps on the back of my buddys gs.. with a cheek on each pan, mybuddys front tire had to be super light.. this kid was the nicest guy u could ask for.. respectful, sir this sir that.. and i dont think hes ever been on a bike..

next think we are shooting down some FL backroads.. things turn to farm land.. FL has sticks? ok then.. then we turn on his "road" things progressive slow down.. both of us are getting squirelly all over the place.. i thought it was hard pack with some sand.. it gets worse and worse.. next thing i know.. things turn basically to beach.. going about 10mph i see my friend in front get real wild.. they slow down.. bike goes one way.. then the other and they tip over at about 5mph.. he gets up.. thanks us and says he will walk the next .5 mile.. we have to motorcross it back up the beach hill and then head back home..

man will he have a story to tell the guys at work tomorrow about the 2 idiots in hi viz on GSes at midnight.. i had a 24oz budwiser sitting on ice for the each of us in my motel sink.. dang they hit the spot!
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