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Originally Posted by BajasWorld View Post
Mr Yamazaki: "Okay gentlemen, what Henke demonstrating here is our current vapour lock design... As you can see, we have equip vapour lock with left handed meteric thread... to counteract the coreolis effect that exist in southern hemisphere. We believe that at high altitude we will subject CRF 450 Rally to under racing conditions; this will give us competitive edge over our rivals.

As you know, Helder experience some problem with vapour lock in Maroc Rallye... so for next engine testing, we shall trial second generation Vers. 2.1 vapour lock; with feature "tuppaware sealing ring". HRC engine technician hope this will keep "freshness" of octane rating in fuel, and provide us with competitve edge over our rivals!"

Seriously (genuinely). I really DO hope that HRC take it to KTM this year... and even ultimately WIN the Dakar. It would be great for the sport, bringing the ten year domination to an end, and opening the window of opportunity that other manufactures (like Husqvarna and Yamaha) will also join the fray.

That would cause KTM to up the ante (again)... as they have gradually been scaling back - since the glory days of their six and eight rider Gauliouse/Repsol factory team efforts of the early 2000's - yet STILL winning... so in reality the bean counters have not had to justify any greater expenditure.

But I think it's going to take more than just a fleet of box vans and some factory motor bits for the HRC effort to take the DAKAR trophy from Mattighofens grasp... and even with the great team of riders, staff of technicians and the economic leverage that HONDA have assembled for this effort... the "timeframe" they are working with is still a BIG ask... even for the might of the HRC corporation...

KTM have four years of practice in the batting cages with their 450 RR and the team management/lead pitchers have been out there in the "big leagues" for the best part of ten years.

January will be a big one...
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