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Hello Adv guys!

I am writing from Crete the biggest island in Greece. I own a BMW F800 GS and I am in general very pleased with the bike.

I have almost 27000 Km and it's time for me, for tires change. I was looking at the Heidenau K660 Scout mostly. The motorcycle is my everyday meas of transportation, inside the city of Heraklion, in National Roads, in dirt roads, everywhere.

I have also seen Mitas and started reading this thread. I must admit that I have persuaded myself in buying Mitas. However which set? So..

I mostly drive on tarmac inside the city which I must admit it's very slippery, so I need a tire which gets warm fast, because the city is small. I also drive on dirt roads mostly full of stones. Let's say that inside the city is 50% of driving, National Roads 20%, dirt roads 30%.

Also I am interested in the lifetime of the tire not giving although the need of fast warming.

So, which set do you suggest me? E 07 dakar or E 10? Could I also think about E 08?
And lastly, if anyone has used one set of the above tires, please inform me about their lifetime.

Thanks in advance people!

Cheers from the Mediterranean.

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