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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
After the "battle royal" that the Maroc Rallye provided us last week... if the DAKAR top 20 entry list holds the same standard (plus the extra sprinkling of "guest stars" and international hero's from around the globe it usually features), then I'd be prepared to say the most awaited (and diversely competitive) DAKAR of maybe TEN years.

Not since the early 2000's with the multiple rider KTM Gauliose/KTM Repsol/Moviestar squads (8 riders) faced off against the BMW squad (four riders) have there been so many "big hitter" teams únder the start banner...

5 HRC's Hondas, 2 KTM aliens + 2 Waterboys & supporting cast of semi-privateer/factory assistance, 3 Speedbrain Husqvarnas, 3 official Yamaha entrants + the flock of JVO kit team supported, GasGas making a solid effort, Sherco on a smaller scale... but potential...

"Formula 450" is kicking at the factory end of the scale... and the "Malle Moto" is keeping the solidarity and spirit of the grassroot Dakar motorcycle competitor alive... in true "Kemal" fashion.

I believe DAKAR 2013 will be an immensely interesting year. Will there be a change of the guard, with the new Jedi coming through the ranks... or have the established Aliens still got some "zap" left in their light sabres?

Mat the F5orce be with you in January!

I totally agree...I haven't looked forward to a Dakar the way I look forward to this one in a while.

Imagine how insane the "F5isphere" is going to be with KTM and honda swapping positions throughout the stages and days...Phew...better make sure that work is light for those couple of weeks...

I'm also going to buy an extra keyboard for the rest day, and swap my F5 keys every day....
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