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Originally Posted by Mitas View Post

I know Greece quite well .... I used to life there for a year and i know the ( tire- ) demands exactly.

I road tyre which I killed within 2000km survived in Greece easily 5000 ... except on Brallos ...

E-07 is a good choice....

Im about to negotiate in time with Honda Moto in Larissa.
One of the sales guys there is a close friend of mine.... ask for Andreas Voultsidis.

But as you know the situation is not that easy in Greece...

Kalispera file.

Se euxaristw gia tin apantisi. (Thank you for the answer). Of I know the situation here, I live it everyday.. Harsh... If you are planning of making a cooperation in Greece, you could also contact me. I live in Crete as I have already written. And you know that Greece is full of big OnOffs. We are some people here that are interested in Mitas tires and market is prosperous despite the fact of the economic crisis. This is because the tires are cheap in comparison to other brands.

So, I am also close to E 07 but only 5000 Km? TKCs last for about 9000 to 10000 Km.

I would be happy if we could make business. If you need a dealer in Greece, I am your man.

Motorcycling in Greece Visit Crete, Greece
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