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Model 44 and Model 30 night shots

OK, so I scrapped the Trail Tech X2 and LED idea. Could not aim the lights well and I figured air flow would be a big problem in the summer the way the backs are enclosed. I put the stock H4 headlight back on so I have a regular, traffic friendly low beam. I then mounted the Model 30 on the left hand guard and a Model 44 on the right, both with small pcs. of aluminum angle.

1st set of pics came out looking brighter than what you actually see but not by much. The 2nd set shows very accurate color and brightness but the focus is all blurry but you get a good idea between the 2 sets. Either set will show these lights make a tremendous difference in your ability to see at night. Just the 2 LED's (1 30 and 1 44) are enough to ride with at night on the street and be comfy going 50-55mph. Great lights at an even better price!! Thanks, ADVmonster! Oh ya,, these guys will have whatever you order on your doorstep by the time you close the your browser from ordering. Super fast delivery.

H4 low beam shown. 1st pic is to bright, 2nd is correct but blurry.

H4 high beam. Same deal, 1st is showing bright 2nd is correct color and brightness but blurry.

1 Model 44 only. Same deal as above pics

1 Model 44 and 1 Model 30. Same thing.

H4 high beam, 1 Model 44 and 1 Model 30. Same thing.

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