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Fixed - air in the brake line!

Originally Posted by veesquared View Post
Assuming you do not have air in the lines from a tip over . Can you lock the rear wheel on asphalt? Try cleaning the rotor again with your favorite solvent . You might find that you have squeezed out more oil. If no go them I too would go with a different compound. 6mm must be pretty close to new.
I kept your comment in mind as I've waited 2+ weeks for a brake cylinder rebuild kit (still back ordered 3+ more weeks)

My bike did tip over, just against a wall - no more than a 45 degee lean angle. Still, the brake system was never 'breeched' so I don't how air would have been introduced to brake system.
Yesterday, I bled the rear brake - Voila! Went ahead and flushed out the old brake fluid with new DOT 5.1

My background is with enduro and off-road riding. I've had bikes up-side-down (and worse!) Never considered the 950 being tipped over to be the culprit.
Whether is was or not - IT WORKED.

Thanks for input. I've been able to do some repairs with simple wisdom from the inmates. Other suggestions seem like the end of the world could near (financially). So, when I need help, I'll take all who take the time to post/comment.

Reminds me of Occam's Razor: it goes something like this: "other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one."[

Thx - Bob
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