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Originally Posted by bodhizafa View Post
This won't mess with the computer? I had a problem with my rear ABS sensor (got hit pretty hard and didn't work after) and it messed with other things, I remember the turn signals not turning off, can't remember what else.
I pulled the rear wheel sensor wire into contact with the tire and tore it up (not intentionally as that sentence sounded). The wires being broken there is what this switch you guys are talking about would do right? So I guess I can comment on what experience I had with that. I didn't take note of the auto-off on the turn signals, but I did notice other accessory functions not working. The heated trips wouldn't fire up. I reconnected the rear wheel sensor with some electrical tape and they started working again (along with the ABS). I seem to recall one other "extra" that was also on that same system, like the computer or mileage sensor or something.

Anyway, I just thought I'd say, TEST EVERYTHING if you are going to wire in a switch to break the ABS circuit. I figured it was all the stuff off the same bus that wouldn't work if one was out.
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