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Originally Posted by Boondox View Post
It might help if you define friggin cold in Carolina. Up here in Vermont that's minus 10F or lower. Wicked cold is between ten below and ten above. Cold is ten to twenty above. Chilly is twenty to thirty. It's nippy from there to forty.

Above forty is tee-shirt weather.
Love your description, Boondox.

Another feature of LDComfort gear:
Everyone talks about its merits in hot weather, but it's great in cold and wet weather too!

I went for a single track trail ride with some buddies last Friday after work at our local spot, Walker Valley. We had planned this ride long in advance. As we got closer to the day, the weather looked horrible, but nobody wanted to back out.. We knew what we were in for, I wore my LD shorts and LD long sleeve shirt under my regular jersey and pants, with a light rain coat. Sure we got wet, but due to the wicking nature of the LDComfort gear, I didn't feel as wet next to my skin.

I think this goes a long way to extending body comfort and therefore extending my rides!

Turns out I like the rain, easier to Spin, Skid and Slide.
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