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Originally Posted by Baharaider View Post
Here's the thing.. I know the SE is a big pig.. But if it isnt any fun in the snow i will just move the kit to one of my other bikes.. No harm no foul.. But unless i or someone steps up and puts one together and hits the snow... Its all just unknown!! Lets face it the first time someone said to his buddy im puttin a track on my bike... He was most likely told he was nuts.. Well maybe im nuts but my wallet lets me be.... Just like the sleds i ride if i cant pick it up i just roll it over downhill and upright...

So i cant believe there is a single? Chick that rides and aint afraid of the cold lookin to take up a sport ive been into for 40+ years..... Cheer cheer cheer... Bring your hot gf's and i will be your guide:):) im on the farm near mt.angel/silverton... Not sure how ya go from vagas to canby.... But welcome....and if you shoot guns also can we be married..:)

Best marriage proposal on ADVrider yet!

The nice thing about one ski rigs are that they don't actually fall over.
When you are looking and 4-6 square feet of rear tire foot print, They tend to stand still, on their own. The only place I use a kickstand is in the garage or parking lot. I believe an SE or like LC8 will be the hot ticket for these track kits. Turbo-ing a 650 to get 75 hp is the standard "big boy" way to power a track conversion. I have been sweating the day someone does it with an LC8 cause I'd drive for miles and miles to give it an evaluation. I would easily sell my Snowhawk and buy a T-sled kit for the LC8, if it is a better handling tree ridge rider. O'course that'd mean I'd have to have two bikes, a tracker and a skier!
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