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Originally Posted by Team Longriders View Post
I'm suprised not so much interest in this. But If I had to guess, the requirement of having your own chase driver prob throws a lot of guys off from around here. Adv is mostly about taking trips on just bikes or maybe just trucking the bike to the start. Have a nice ride.
Ya, me too!!! We had 7 riders bail out, due to 'whatever' reasons. Now we're down to under 10.

If anyone was interested, the requirements/rules can be bent a little bit. As we are providing chase support for EVERY rider on this particular event. Not one of them, needs to "bring" a chase this year... so, if interested parties were serious, and only thing holding them back was a "chase" requirement... they should be contacting me directly.

We'll often have riders carpool their chase. Meaning, if a rider doesn't have a chase but there's room in another... he'll join up with them and just pitch in for fuel, etc. It always works out, and often the riders coming from across states will get taken care of like they are family. The farthest thus far, a father son from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Great people, who have been back to partake.

First and foremost; Our rides are tailored to the riders ability, but not always are we on any type of road or trail. When I hear of ADVriders, I think big bikes... large packs... and roads or trails. At one point, a rider brought his XR650R (not a big bike by any means), and complained that he should have been on his CRF450X. Mostly due to the terrain we ride, and the fun the smaller/lighter displaced bikes can have. SO... having a chase, is of the utmost importance to carry the overnight gear and the emergency supplies. As well, they'll fuel us in remote places (most of us can't make 100 miles on one tank). It's more for peace of mind, if and when someone gets hurt... or, they numb up and need to get in the truck prematurely.

Thank goodness, I've only needed the truck(s) a few times in the last four years of this event. From broken bolts to broken bones and broken bikes and everything in between. I used to ride Baja all day long, with no chase.... once my buddy was shot in the chest in 2008, I decided I won't ride ANYWHERE without a chase vehicle nearby or knowing my whereabouts. I've just recently quit carrying Satellite phones (between me and chase), and now use SPOT CONNECT for communication. God forbid we ever need the 911 feature.

... I know that was more info then needed. But I respect the guys on this forum. Lots of good people and great knowledge. I thought I'd share my "reasoning" for such a requirement, or why I've put certain rules in place for our event(s).

~ Johnny J

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