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Originally Posted by mb90535im View Post
I've had mine in some fairly gnarly stuff (for a GS) like trail 82 from Buck Bald to 68, but was concerned that I was destroying my clutch.

Do you feel like you were abusing the pig's clutch yesterday?
You know... I have heard some people concerned about that due to the dry clutch design. My understanding is that is way more of a issue if you do so at highway speeds and very high rpms. When you are working at slower speeds as in an offroad environment I really don't find myself feathering the clutch at that high of an RPM. Maybe 4k but certainly not up in the 7k range. once I got rpm that high I am off the clutch. If your throttle AND clutch work together I don't think you ever really get in the abuse range.

Many of the major offroad GS riders seem to concur and report very long clutch lifespans despite heavy offroad usage and lots of bottom half rpm feathering. I would be more concerned with second guessing what I need to do in the heat of battle than worrying about early clutch replacement but that is just me. I focus more on keeping my arms relaxed than most anything else while riding... to me that's the first concern and worry about anything seems to increase that tendency. I believe paying attention is more important than analyzing while riding. It seems to me the real brain work does not have time to reach our conscious minds. In other words riding teaches us best if we keep our conciousness working on observing and let the inner mind make the decisions. Does that make sense? I often wonder how much our real mind bothers to even share with our conscious mind about what it knows. But I do ride better when I focus on observing than when trying to help make decisions. That seems to be true to me.
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