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October 23, 2012 - I landed in Quito with a cold or something, because it took me out for close to a week. When I felt better, I went back to the Guayasamin Museum.

I was there on a Sunday and the place was deserted. I wandered around for a good hour at the old residence before going back to the museum.

I took a few more shots of the old cars with the wide angle lens.

The interior of the Model T.

The garden view, with the museum roof in the background.

My next stop was Baņos, a small tourist town nestled in the mountains and surrounded by hot springs, none of which I visited. The half day ride to Baņos sapped my remaining energy and I decided to park the bike till I was better.

I found Baņos slightly depressing. The graffiti in town was not the most joyful either.

The mask below looked like an add-on at first, but it is actually painted on.

The only place of note in the centre of town is the monastery connected to the church.

Everything went well until I decided to visit the museum on the second floor. Aside from the more mundane religious paraphernalia, there were two rooms dedicated to stuffed Ecuadorian fauna, which was a tad disturbing, as some of our feathered friends had been consumed by moths. Snakes in formaldehyde jars were half exposed and stacks of what looked like antique statues were piled together in display cases. The places was a curator's worst nightmare.

Since there was absolutely nobody at the museum and the surrounding courtyard, I spent some time playing with shadows and wide angles.

Tomorrow I will start the bike again and head south via the eastern route, which takes me closer to the Amazon rainforest.
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