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Laugh For the f5our wheel f5etish f5olk...

Eric Vigouroux Chevy is well developed and potent truck in all but the most technical (soft and irregular) dunes...
which there was not a lot of percentage wise at the Rallye Maroc. The main disadvantage (compared to the Toyota Hilux pick ups)
for Dakar is the lack of 4WD. The Chevy Trophy Truck (as opposed to the Gordon H3 Buggy - also 2WD) has the engine mounted forward(ish)
of the driver compartment... not over/rearbiased of the rear wheels... which makes for better dune capability.

The X-Raid team will be back to Dakar in January with four ALL4 Racing MINI's

With Peterhansel, Roma, Holowycz and Novitsky in the multicoloured Mini monsters.

In addition X-Raid will likely have two or three additional entrants in the previous generation BMW X-3 CC's

The defending Dakar auto champions (Peterhansel) and the same team driver line up - statistically speaking - still the team to beat...
I think the Imperial Toyota/Overdrive Hiluxes (may) have a slight technical/performance advantage...
but the X-Raid stormtroopers are a well drilled operation with years of experience chasing the VW and Mitsu factory operations.
I'd put even money on Perfecthansel having a better shot than most for title number 11.

The last remaining examples of the former Mitsubishi factory team vehicles are still doing the rounds in the hands of some very well backed privateer teams;

These cars now runing with various configurations of the V6 Mitsubishi powerplant (not the GDi diesels of the 2009 Mitsubish factory effort)
with drivers Spinelli and Co. they usually run in the top 10 to 15 positions...
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