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Originally Posted by Baharaider View Post
Here's the thing.. I know the SE is a big pig.. But if it isnt any fun in the snow i will just move the kit to one of my other bikes.. No harm no foul.. But unless i or someone steps up and puts one together and hits the snow... Its all just unknown!! Lets face it the first time someone said to his buddy im puttin a track on my bike... He was most likely told he was nuts.. Well maybe im nuts but my wallet lets me be.... Just like the sleds i ride if i cant pick it up i just roll it over downhill and upright... So i cant believe there is a single? Chick that rides and aint afraid of the cold lookin to take up a sport ive been into for 40+ years..... Cheer cheer cheer... Bring your hot gf's and i will be your guide:):) im on the farm near mt.angel/silverton... Not sure how ya go from vagas to canby.... But welcome....and if you shoot guns also can we be married..:)
Not sure what kinda girls you associate with but I am always ready and willing to try new things, no matter my relationship or gender, I've tried it, liked it and now want my own, may not have been doing it for as long as you but we all start a new sport as beginners. So here I am seeking the un-known adventure that awaits. Besides you offered to let me tag along and show me the ropes, so as far as guide goes, you can be that but I prefer to be a third party And your proposal....... is it legal to marry a threesome of any gender combination
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