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Oct 21 & 22 #1 - Basaeachi

Woke up at 5:00 after a pretty good sleep. Oops, lost an hour as we are now on Mountain time so, I guess I woke at 4:00 Pacific time . . .

It was cold –a lot different at this elevation than down on the desert. Watched some kids / family TV show hoping they would keep their vocabulary at a 4 year olds level . . . maybe they did and I’m just in the 2 year old category. Got a few things done since my time wasn’t absorbed by taking showers, doing internet stuff or eating. Was able to make a cup of coffee with my little “slowest water heater in the world”

It warmed up to about 10C (50F) when I left. Stopped at the Basaeachi Falls. About a half mile walk down to . . . . the top of the falls. Looking up the little river at the suspension bridge you cross coming down

They do a nice job of building rock paved trail to the edge of the falls

Pretty cool and you are able to walk up about as close to the edge as I wanted to get. The river is in the trench in the foreground. The fences in the distance are at the edge.

Looking up the valley the falls fall in

The water going over the edge - thought about hopping over the edge to get a better pic of this, then thought not . . .

Then back on the highway, turned down Hwy 23 and here is another Basaeachi Falls turn off. You could drive right up to this one – great view point looking across the canyon at the falls. This was the more spectacular viewing.

The falls - there are actually people standing at the top . . .

Looking up the valley

This will be a short day as I plan to hang out in Creel and and get a few things caught up. Stopped in San Juanito for a Hamburgesa – little shack in the corner of a Pemex lot. Looks like maybe a couple of sisters and the pregnant daughter of one working there. Couple other kids wander in, are given sandwiches and go. See these little places a lot providing a bit of income for a family. Hamburger and a big Coke . . . $35 pesos – about $2.50.

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