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Death Valley National Park, CA

The name of this valley speaks for itself, this place really is inhospitable. Badwater Basin for instance is the hottest, driest and lowest spot in America. It is located 280ft below sea level and in the summer it gets to 130F (54C) and higher. Not a single spot of shade can be found.

Originally I planned on seeing the Sailing Rocks or as I call them Rolling Stones and because of that I got these lyrics stuck in my head "Let me whisper in your ear: Angie…"

These rocks have many nicknames like moving rocks, sliding rocks, sailing rocks etc… but the fact remains that no one knows what causes the rocks to move around the desert. There are some theories but they haven’t been proven. There was a hypothesis that underground gravitational forces affect them. It was disproven as some rocks moved parallel to each other only to start moving in the opposite direction.

The pic isn't mine:

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