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Originally Posted by Mad Kaw View Post

rdcyclist - of Motoradd deleted the VSS then what feeds the speedometer a signal since there is no speedo gear and cable like on the 1150?
On a bike without ABS, the signal from a speed sensor is connected to the ZFE controller instead of the ABS controller. At that point the ZFE controller converts the signal to a data packet and sends it to the instrument cluster on the CANbus.

Originally Posted by Mad Kaw View Post

I am about to install another of these on a friend 2006. Of course like RD says it the VSS portion may not apply to 2010 and later models.
From the schematics, the blue/green wire carrying the VSS signal comes from pin 42 on the ZFE module. So even if the blue/green wire is deleted from the harness on the 2010 and later bikes, the VSS signal might still appear on pin 42 of the ZFE controller.


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