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OK a few people have asked for my Brine slaw ..
So I thought I would also cross it here ..
Hey it's part of Farm life...

If you have any Questions just ask....
I have put red cabbage in too .. But not a lot as it will turn it all PINK !!!!
ANd I have put 2 grated carrots in it too...

(If you use a large head as I do, just double the brine recipe and all the other ingredients)

LadyDraco’s colourful 9 Day Slaw…

What you need…

1 small head of cabbage 1 green pepper ( I use 2-3 it depends on the size peppers but Red and a Yellow & orange)
2 Onions (I use Vidalia’s )
4 stalks of celery (I use 5-6 )
1 Cup sugar + 2 TB .. (I use Raw sugar IE: sugar in the raw)
1 Cup salad oil ( ˝ Olive oil and ˝ veg oil)
1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar (ONLY )
1 TB of Celery seed ( I heap it )
1 TB salt (Redmond sea salt)

shred the cabbage…
Dice up …. Onions ~ peppers ~ celery..
Mix all together with cabbage.. and sprinkle with the 1C sugar..

In a pot on stove add~ Oil ~ Vinegar ~ celery seed ~ 2 TB of sugar ~ salt…
Bring to a boil… Pour Hot over the whole mix of slaw …First use a big spoon... Then ..
Dig in with your hands and mix well…… The cabbage will wilt down…

Put in the fridge…. Mix every few hours…. The next day drain it….

PS you can start to eat it a few hours later… But it’s best the next day…
It lasts for days n days…….

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Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
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