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Originally Posted by Nomadix View Post
This tool is for those who haven't noticed that every rim is carefully designed so that the bead on the one side can be dropped into the "well" while the other side is easily and quickly levered into place. If you're wrestling with the thing, you're doing it wrong, and probably trying to stretch a steel hoop. The same applies for dismount.

Geez man, whats with the negativity? I do actually know how to change a tire, the whole family rides, dirt, dual sport, adventure, a little street, tires do get changed here. I draw the line at balancing at home though. I dont know that I will buy this tool, but I like to embarace new ideas and concepts, you never know when they may turn into something good. In years past I have had tubes in truck tires, and split rims as well, ever see a guy change a truck tire with irons? Do the current, up to date, busy tire shops use irons or machines that make tire changing easier and faster? I dig low tech ways of doing things, but there is always room for new ideas and techniques, its nice to support both.
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