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Originally Posted by Pepperjack View Post
Well.. I just went out and bought a whole bunch of SVMaps.. I'm used to using the old AusMap 1:25000 bushwalking etc.. these maps are good!

But.. in today's day and age.. can we get them online, to use on iPad, or with Android, as PDF, JPG, or .. something..?

I know the story about what if my iPad gets a flat battery.. what then etc.. but assuming one is 'ok' with relying on electronic gadgets.. what is 'the go' for Navigation on tech devices these days..?

I have successfully used LocusPro on Android for my road bike.. but those SVMaps, there is just so much good added detail etc which is not normally available etc. I've thought about scanning them in and stitching them together buuuut.. way painful.. there must be a torrent with all these to something..?

Last question for tonight.. promise!
When you say SVMaps, assuming you meant the paper version of them.
I bought the SVMaps on disk... I'm assuming they're still available. Then there's the software.. my personal preference is Oziexplorer, under windows mobile, but they also do an Android version. For me, this works very well.

Then again, if you're an Apple fan:
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