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Originally Posted by SauceSquatch View Post
Total newb question... but here goes anyway.

I've been researching a bit and quickly finding that any topic on suspension quickly becomes a rabbit hole of technical information. I am trying to fully understand it all, I would like to get to the point where I can be very calculated in my suspension setup, but I'm still learning this bike and it's capabilities, while trying to have some fun.

I've been going by the manual and tuning the suspension for all three recommended settings, comfort, standard and sport (full load out). So I'm getting the feel for each... What I'm wondering is what are the best settings are for dirt?

Can I just set it to "comfort" and that will give me the most play and control for off-road? Or do I want something stiffer like the standard setting?
What I have always done on my bikes is to note the settings then go out and ride. If you find it is too soft and bottoms easily over small bumps, make it stiffer. Likewise, if it is too harsh on small bumps, try softening it up. Suspension is very personal so I don't believe that there is an exact answer to your question as we are all different, and terrain is different. Hard pack and rocks are one thing, sandy loam is another. I keep a screwdriver in my tank bag as I tend to change settings often.

I will say that a soft front end (spring rate) is a common complaint on the ADV. For my tastes, I had Superplush revalve both ends, and respring the front from a .48 spring rate to a .64 and then to a .70. I have heard some guys go to .74, depending upon the situation and the speed.

Good luck, you'll figure it out.
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