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Originally Posted by GH41 View Post
The reason an insurance company totals a bike is.... It would cost more to repair than replace it! I would not buy a salvaged bike.

That just shows that you have absolutely no idea about the topic. The theoretical repair cost is completely useless as an indicator if you are going to be riding the bike and are not concerned with small cosmetic defects like the OP is.

Do you realize that if I "bump" into you and make a tiny dent somewhere in your frame that's around $4k-5k worth of damage right there even though it won't have any impact on structural strength whatsoever? Or that a scratched up stock muffler and header mean $2500 worth of damage, even though you can find new take-offs for cheap?

To the OP,

Totally depends on the damage and price you get it for. I've rebuilt two K72 F650GS and after selling the first own the second one for free. Both ended up looking better and performing better than when they were new, as I used several upgraded parts.

The frames are very strong especially in the headstock area so even if the forks are bent that might not mean anything either. If it was a frontal impact I would have it checked on an Computrack machine, they will have the factory specs to know if it's within tolerance. One of my accident damaged frames measured closer to tolerance than a new one did....

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