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Originally Posted by kayaker43 View Post
I live in Michigan, the 650 is fully legal, the 200 is marginal .

Here's a few more pics. Its an experiment that went extremely well. I wanted to see if a sub 200 lb bike was possible and everything about it far exceeded my expectations. The extreme lightness changes everything. The super torquey 218 stroker motor, long travel and trials tire combined with the light weight puts it in a whole different category. The BBR frame is acually pretty heavy so I'm building the second generation frame and will also refine the ergos at the same time. My hope is to offer frame kits to accept stock honda parts and the xr200 or crf230 engines. It weighs 183 lbs, no gas now and I'm shooting for 175 - 180 lbs with full size wheels, adult ergonomics and race quality suspension.

At 275 lbs I may have the lightest 650 around but the little XR is another 92 lbs lighter yet !!

A new category,.. super playbikes ?? Imagine a bike docile enough to learn on that can still spank a 450 in the woods

You can see the swingarm stretch, relocated footpegs and 3.5 lb custom pipe in this last picture.

Neat little 200,those footpegs being right down at the bottom of the frame work good in rocks/stumps and deep ruts? I would hate to turn my foot around backwards with those. Amazing its lighter then a 200KTM with that old school Honda engine,or even lighter then the newest trickest 2 stroke 125 made.
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