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I am not really concerned about the blinking light. A piece of black tape can take care of it. I think that the TPMS is a good feature. It is not just for keeping the tires inflated to the right pressure. They notify you that you have a flat. If you get a flat on the highway you will not notice till it is close to totaly flat. At that point it really effects your ablility to handle a car. This is more true the taller the tire, like a truck or SUV. It gives you some pre warning so that you can find a safe place to pull over, as in some parts of the Highways there are no shoulders.

I had a experiance with the TPMS that was very positive. I was four wheeling in the desert. Just climb to the top of a rocky pass and about the decend some gnarly stuff on the the back side. We were out taking some pictures on the ridge, get back in the truck and notice that the TPMS warning light has come on. Get out of the truck and sure enough one of the tires was hissing. I had cut it on the hill climb, and it was leaking pretty fast. It would have been compeltly flat in about 10 min or less. Had I not had the warning I would have gone down the techinal section with the a leaking tire, which would have been compeletly flat by the time I got into the thick of it. I would have surely gotten stuck as those 75 series tires would have lost me about 10 inches of ground clearance. I would have also been in a bad place to be able to jack the truck up to change the flat, with the spare most likey unassessable under the truck.

I am trying to set this TPMS up for the new family car. So i want to make things as factory and ligit as possible. But I am begining to lose hope and might jsut give up. :( I already had regular vavle stems with these new alloy rims.

The sealed tube (pipe bomb) method is kind of silly, as I would have to remove the sensors from my summer wheels. If I was to go that route, I would simply zip tie the sensors together with a block of wood/plastic between them. The sensors are a pressure sensor. Some dude figured out that appling physical pressure mimiks air pressure enough to fool the sensor.

Today I will call a few TPMS cloning companies directly to see if that gets me anywhere.
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