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Originally Posted by yosso View Post
Any updates on this new fuse block?

Indeed. After much feedback from you guys, I've decided to simply the design some. Integrate bluetooth in directly. Remove the fuses completely and go 100% solidstate. Furthermore, because you will never need to touch it after you install it you will be able to put it almost anywhere (like under your fuel tank or hidden in a fairing).

The spec I am aiming at now is 8 channel, all switched on the highside with current limits set via bluetooth. Each channel has it's own ammeter with real time user feedback on your mobile phone. Two channels will support 30A. 6 will support 15A. Max current in the 80-100A range pending testing. 8 soft switches that can be pulled high to 12V or pulled down to ground will also be available for users to use to control their circuits.
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