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Originally Posted by prettydirty4u View Post
Well..well Baha....It's nice to know the variation of types that you will date, but it's only going to interest me to know about your gf make-up....not the possibilities....into the now and making that work rather than explore my options with possibilities...not into hurting just pleasing..:)~so tell me about her and you...a pm may be a better choice of communication for this topic.... Me never married, no kids, would like some of my own someday soon but for now, just looking to have fun. Is your gf a kitty licker and ok with sharing her man?
I'd say "you kids get a room," but we're already in one!!
Can't wait to put my ski on the snow...

Hey pitster, you let them Timbersled boys know that Baharaider isn't the only freak wanting a ski on his LC8 and they will make one appear!

Winter Carnival in Mccall is Jan 25th - Feb 3rd. Snowbike race the first weekend and mixed classes on the second weekend.

The race is held on Aspen Golfcourse, yup we get to shred a golf course...
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