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What IS the advantage?

I have both the LFX21A6 and the stock AGM that came with the new bike. Both work! I have heard guys say the Shorai cranks harder. Harder than what? The Shorai does crank when it is 32 degrees out. Tested, proven, but the cranking power in the cold was NOT impressive. I had both go dead from leaving the same accessory attached directly to the batter left on. Didn't time it but it took about the same time to go dead for both. So WHAT is the real difference? Lighter to me is a non issue. When you load up your bags with all kinds of crap and put all kinds of bars, lights and stuff so you can ride to hell and back, the difference in battery weight is not a factor to most riders. Both seem to start OK. Their main function. Maybe the Shorai may last longer, but you can buy at least two good AGM's for the cost of a Shorai. Am I missing something here. I know, I bought one, I should be asking myself why. I think I drank the "new and different" cool aid.
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