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So there Kevin and I were, marveling at the beauty of the mountain rising into the clouds from this lush green and wet valley we had slept in.
A little coffee was in order before we started packing. It had been decided we were going to pack up and ride back over Beartooth Pass, and through Yellowstone to camp somewhere south of the park. It made sense to use our second to last day wisely and get closer to Pocatello so as to make the last day mellow. (Plus I wanted to scout the area for a campsites as this is around where Nancy and I were to camp the first night.)

After coffee we packed up and enjoyed railing it up Beartooth - it's such an amazing road.
It could have been a combination of things, but the roaring of the knobbies and that sensation you get when you are sliding sideways on the pavement in twisties, and the view made this mornings ride one of the best of the trip to date.

Near the summit, it started to rain when we jumped off the pavement to explore some trails. It was a little muddy, the big rock were slippy, and we had a blast. It's these times of random challenging moments I enjoy greatly when riding, and this was even better sharing with Kevin.

OH what the fuck.

At some point, the oil light came on....

I stopped and checked, the oil level was fine, and right where it was after I put fresh oil in it before the trip.
Maybe I should just put tape over my warning lights so I can just enjoy the ride!

More time spent chatting with the stop sign lady, this one telling us all about her whole family who travels and works gigs like this for months at a time, living out of an RV. The way she made it sound, it was a lot like the touring I do type of lifestyle, though she pointed out she had much better views at her workplace. I agreed.

There was some weather coming as we stopped for fuel and some food, living in SoCal, I really missed storms and rain... but not the long winters and snow like in Chicago.

After an uneventful ride back through Yellowstone where we had stocked up with food and drink for the night, we found another wonderful campsite off of Ashton-Flagg Ranch road, right next to a reservoir.
This campsite was special though, as it was a primitive site on public land, but it had a very nice, quite large and heavy table.

We had a few toasts to Bill and his family. I couldn't help but admire this gesture, wondering if there will be anyone who will care enough around to do something like this for me when it's my time to move on. I guess it's one of the not so good things about not having any kids or a big family of my own. I didn't dwell on those lonely thoughts long though, Kevin was getting ready to "slay" the local fish that were jumping all over the place, a fire needed to be built, photos to take, dinner cooked, a joint to smoke, etc.... Need..... To.....Stay.......Busy.

Needless to say, this night was very enjoyable as our last camping. A perfect spot with good vibes, wonderful company, and a great view.

No bears, and no rain.

We were going to try and take backroads around Grand Tetons, I had made a route the night before on the Garmin Montana.... Turns out many of the "roads" turned out to be single track for horses only.

So we did what we could and wandered our way towards Pocatello. This chapter is almost over, Nancy's coming!
I really enjoyed how the land opened up rather quickly, changing into rolling farmland as we rode on by. You could easily tell it was fall because all the farmers were out in force tending to their land before the snow comes and covers it all.

Weird guy in a field.

We rolled into Pocatello powersports in time to get some fresh rubber. While this tire had a little life left in it, it had worn out in 5 days, and there was going to be no shops for many miles. I didn't want to waist time with finding a tire with Nancy so good riddance Scorpion Rally, hello old friend the D606.
Thanks to the guys at the shop who got me in and out very quickly and in great spirits!

We got a motel, had a nice Italian meal to end the trip. It was great times Kevin, and I love ya..... but Nancy's much cuter and better to spoon with..... I rode with him to the tiny little airport where he took his gear and parked the bike. I took the keys and went to find a coffee shop since Nancy was delayed 6 hours cause' of that douchebag pilot.

I found a great coffee shop on the university campus, and have a new LOST and Freedom Decal model....
Was kind of funny, the owner dude told her to "stike a pose" and she jumped into the pose.... they learn early don't they?

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