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Originally Posted by Three Dawg View Post
I've recently fitted a Garmin 2610 Street Pilot to my GS. Don't laugh, I like it, and it was very cheap! Can't read the notes in the top of my tankbag any more so I just bang the route into the GPS and away I go- don't need it to do any thinking for me...

Anyway, I also bought an earpiece for it which has a 2.5mm stereo jack into a single helmet speaker, plugged it in and unfortunately it doesn't work. Tried it with the (stereo) earphones off my phone and it works fine, though only through one ear.

Is the Garmin plug a strange type? I tried pulling the plug out of the socket out slightly but no go.
I still have my old 2610 sitting in my basement. I don't remember it perfectly but are you sure it's a 2.5mm jack? Usually 3.5mm is for headphones and 2.5 for a microphone. I don't think the 2610 uses a microphone for anything. You might just have dirty contacts in the socket as well. Try just wiggling the plug in and out a bunch to see if it cleans up. Also I think most phones also use 3.5mm so you may have the right size plug and you're calling it the wrong thing?
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