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I really should go back and read this thread from the beginning.... It's scary to think of the people reading all my thoughts from years of my life in one sitting.
No really.
My life is like the wind and changes quite often.... I'm just along for the ride.

It's not what you HAVE.. it's what you ENJOY.

That's pretty darn good.

After reading back a ways I still think it's peculiar how people compliment on my supposed writing skills, yet I still can't get across the basic, and core values of my life.
So many miss what I'm unable to say in a way that pleases me.

Hey, a little Jerry Springer drama that might offend some folks now and then keeps things fresh and makes my RR unique, like me, as I have a hard time filtering things in between my brain and mouth all the time.
Then again, honestly, I think of a lot of things when riding, some controversial, some enlightening, some quite boring. But I do smoke a lot of pot, so my reality, and day dreaming blend together quite nicely.
Unfortunately for writing purposes I'm hostage to what sticks in my mind when trying to recall the day, photos help, but most of it gets LOST. It would be great to remember all the crap I think while riding, or so I think now and then. Probably not though.

See, this is the shit you should really just ignore.

On with it.

Nancy lands in Pocatello!!!!!

Nancy was now sharing the reality at hand - Many miles of dirt between us and home.
As much as a gypsy lifestyle mine seems to be, the current reality is we had discussed, practiced, studied, rehearsed, researched, and practiced some more for this trip. I had not "planned" like this before, as I was able to be very selfish without much planning. We knew that "planned" route, but wanted to not follow a predetermined path if you know what I mean.
Many of nights over a bottle or two of wine we studied the huge maps on our walls, with me explaining the terrain in a given area, acknowledging that the "gospel" I'm preaching about the route will change in a heartbeat with the weather..... Nancy had to be back at work on a given date, therefore miles needed to be counted, or so I thought.

"It's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN, any Adventurer get's hurt doing what they love".....

She accepted this warning.

At this point, I think she really had no idea what it meant to go on a ride like this, but I had faith that she's prevail with the challenges ahead.
While I wanted that gorgeous smile to stay, I knew there would be coming moments it would be torn right from her face in an instant.
So is the life of any Adventurer.

Things were taken out of our hands, all the nights of discussing, and researching how we would use her limited time wisely were ripped from our control when the pilot was late, changing our path forever.
Nancy had now landed in Pocatello at 6PM instead of 12PM, we just needed to get her luggage and strap it to her little GS.
It was 158 miles to the reservoir I wanted to camp by, right in between Yellowstone and Grand Tetons NP. (with all the talk, the first night was important for me to knock her socks off....)

Sunset was at 8:12PM

Th first 100 miles were a mix of highway and country paved roads, we took advantage and basically hauled ass, racing the sun - my favorite opponent.

We were losing the race, but stopped anyways to layer up and stay warm as the temp dropped 25 from when she landed.
The landscape going from the high desert looking scrubland in Idaho, to fertile lands bordering the foothills leading to America's original National Parks was most beautiful this time of day - The Golden Hour.
Being as it was in the heart of the Fall Harvest, farmers were everywhere dong the things that farmer do this time of year tending their land, though most seemed to be annoyed with our intrusion, and use of public paved road so quickly as we waived and passed by in that race against the sun that cannot be won.
The colors where changing, the mountains in the horizon were getting taller.... a great start to Nancy's Adventure

About the same time the sun set, we migrated from country pavement roads to gravel.
Now, as you might see, Nancy always has glasses on, (She's fricking blind without them) and doesn't have the night vision I do. Add in a crappy OEM headlight to her G650GS, and night riding wasn't her strong suit.
At this point we were in new territory, figuring out how to ride together, and deal with the darkness plus dust coming up from the gravel road. We had 25 miles of twisty gravel roads to navigate till the lakes...
With a little trial and error, it seemed best for Nancy to lead and me to hold in a formation that put her right on my 2 o'clock. That way I stayed out of her dust, yet was able to aim the incredibly bright Trail Tech HID race light downrange to help her impaired night vision. My headlight was like a lighthouse compared to her candle...
I told her time and time again that we were never in any hurry and the most important thing to me was her being safe and to ride at her own pace.

This first night I thought was a slap into reality, this is for real.... we are far from help, the roads were challenging, and it was getting real dark. One time we stopped, and she just looked at me and said, "I'm riding my motorbike in WYOMING!"
I understand thinking about how far you were away from home on your bike....... welcome to my world, and starting a relationship with your horse.

I know she was really trying "not to slow me down" as she had repeatedly said.... but I was now riding her ride, not my ride, and was very content doing just that.
"lets just enjoy our ride".... be safe darling.

I haven't proclaimed it, but Kevin and I had really hauled ass for the most part. The Tour of Idaho as described by the creator, is a fast and dirty route, and he was on a "dirt bike", not a 500 pound touring machine.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I has gotten the "push it hard" riding out of my system, and was cool with riding Nancy's ride..... I like it all.

About 10 miles out from our campsite the sun gave up her glory of the day...
I had to snap Nancy out of her scary world of evil, dark gravel roads to stop and look what was being shown to us.
"look darling".... she was so focused, and just trying to survive.

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