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Originally Posted by nick5446 View Post
Dude that's the coolest FZ1 I've ever seen, and the CBR is awesome too! Got any more pics of the front of it?
Check out my build logs in my sig line. Lots of photos

So I got the meter and got everything ready for a ride. Welded in the bung, hooked up TPS and RPMs.

I also got the Dynojet jet kit so I'll have some needles to play with if I need them. I'm excited to see what this little device can do to help me understand the tuning process.

I think I was close to start, then went the wrong way with some drastic settings to see if I was headed in the right direction. I wasn't.

I'll get a helmet cam video shot if anyone wants to see what the meter looks like and the kind of numbers I get when pulling hard.
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