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Laugh Tale of a happy motorcyclist, is there something in my teeth?

Originally Posted by DSTEVENS View Post
...before I get scared off...
This hints to one of the main reasons I wanted to start this thread. I believe that the number of people enjoying many trouble free days and miles with their bikes GREATLY out number those that are not so satisfied. But, there is little evidence to support this because those with problems seem to be very much more vocal about their situations.

So I wanted to start a thread where people that are enjoying their rides and tinkering have the encouragement to let us know. That way, hopefully those that visit ADVRider can get a more accurate picture of what a joy owning these bikes really is. Not to be naive, I am aware that I may be proven wrong. I may end up in the minority as a rider enjoying GS ownership (knock on wood, **bangs head**).

Happy trails!
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