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Here we were, riding formation in the night on the this small gravel road bordering Yellowstone National Park. I knew Nancy couldn't see well and she was trying hard to go fast, I had to stop and remind her we were now on ARE time, and were in no hurry.

So much has transpired in my/our lives to get us to this point where we were free and getting Lost, setting out on the first adventure like this for both of us.

It was very nice indeed to have found such a girl to share my life with, especially the part on two wheels far from "home", but right at home.

When Kevin and I arrived at the campsite near here, I kept riding for another hour scouting around the area. Kevin's getting pretty old, and he was content with drinking a beer and enjoying the picturesque landscape while I went and explored the area.
I didn't think the easily accessible campsites would be available over the Labor Day holiday weekend that Nancy and I wrongfully chose to start our journey on...

Anyways, that time exploring was well spent as "that" campsite we had used was occupied, as was camp Plan B , luckily Plan C was much more difficult to get to and we were in luck.
By this time Nancy was about done, it had been a long day for her, getting up at 3:30 AM to get a shuttle to the airport to get delayed, etc etc.... Plus the night dirt road riding was pretty stressful, so she was ready to chill....
As soon as we arrived, I took the bags off her bike and took off to go get driftwood from a pile I had found earlier, not wanting to just leave her along in the dark woods, but with a beer in hand and protection by her side she would do just fine.
Upon my return 15 minute slater we sprung into action, built a fire and setup camp. Getting a system together to optimize our load in time together - I just can't help being a Roadie.
Knowing we would come in late, we brought some deli sandwiches to make things easy.

A nice start to our journey.

Nancy had no idea where we were, as her bike had no GPS on it and we arrived in the darkness, it was real cool to open the tents rainfly to reveal the gorgeous Wyoming lake right next to our site.


This was the beginning of the running joke - Front Row!

We had Front Row seats to the world, to our world! This was a nice view to wake up to on our first day, for sure.

No cage around us, no aluminum roof of an RV, or shingles on a building, no guides or support vehicles, we were IN IT.
This is not a spectators sport, and the dangers are real, but if you want to have Front Row seats to The World then you have to count on yourself to see your way out, or now, in this case, you have to depend on Each Other to come out the other end of the trail.

Now, I might be a little rough around the edges sharing my ups and downs of life, we might be camping and sleeping on dirt so to speak, but we are indeed civilized people and the morning was started out with a darn good cup of coffee with fresh cream.

Ah, so clean and happy! This was a very happy time for me, for us. (though I knew in the back of my head this girl I love had no f'ing clue of the challenges that lie ahead, as you just can't until you do it)

We slowly stowed our gear, since the pack needed to get sorted out for the first time and we were really in no hurry.
I guess even though I was upset with the pilot who was LATE to his flight, changing our plans, I was now very content with how it all worked out. We were together, riding our ride and that's all that matters now. Plus the timing was just fine, taking Kevin's advice we were going to have lunch in the Mural Room at Jenny Lake Lodge , another great way to start this adventure in style! ( she was just smiling away, thinking she was on vacation and it would all be romantic and perfect).....


There's going to be quite a few photos of Nancy in the following pages, as she's a much better subject to shoot than Kevin or my bike with various backgrounds. I hope you all don't mind, just remember it's not all about you. :loll

It was now early afternoon, we had stocked up with food and beer at the market in the park and were on the Continental Divide Route heading south. We would be riding a hybrid of the CDR and the Continental Divide Trail, with another common phrase/joke coming into to play on out journey.


I did have tracks, but also like to venture off them, to see if the lines on the GPS actually connect in with the lines I'm "supposed" to be on.
It was common for me to stop and consult with Nancy about options when we came to them, this way will be shorter but rougher, that way will possibly have more sand, that way will be fast and straight, would you like slow, scenic and twisty darling, or fast and straight, etc, etc...


When we would find ourselves in more difficult riding conditions than was ideal, she would remind me, SHORTCUT?.....

SO we now have

Front Row!



this was gonna be good.

Not far from the park we spotted the first signs of the huge forest fires that dotted the countryside

Nancy hadn't had many encounters with crazed wild cows, and this would be the first of many very imposing and scary cows to have threatened Nancy's life. She did real good of just creeping by them and not spooking them into a violent rampage.

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