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I recently changed my oil and lost track of just how much fresh oil I put into the engine including filling the new oil filter with fresh oil, then using a couple of half full bottles of engine oil, then two full quarts of engine oil then....Oh boy, how much oil is in there? Who cares....I know there is at least 3 quarts of oil in the engine...maybe more...but, maybe less. So, should I ride it?

Screw it...I had errands to run and at $3.53/gallon and 20 MPG on the car, I decided to take the GS. I rode it a few miles to the store and back. Yesterday, I peeked at the site was over the top.

Oh well, maybe, I'll drain some out. Today, I had more errands to run and I checked oil about an hour after returning and parking on the center stand. Oil level is half glass.

So...what did I do wrong (if anything)?

Oh, and do you care what oil and filter I used?
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