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Gittin back to bikes and tracks...!

Last wk/end in puyallup at the snowmobile show/ swap meet i met with the head of devolpment for t-sled and he said they had no one ask about a 950 fit kit other than myself..i thought about pointing him to AVID but then he said something that made me think " i'm not going to do his sales staff's wrk.... I asked why he had not gotten together with the guys from BDCW as they are just up the road from them, got a sense they dont work well with others... T-sled that is.. Anyway it takes two kits to become a " garage dealer" and get dealer pricing(not sure what that is yet) so my ? For anyone thinking about a kit for the 950 is... What if it turns out to be a pig? Are you able to put it on some other bike in your stable as i am or are you going to be pissed at me as the dealer? We all know you will only know if its for you after you put it on and ride it.. My perfect ride may well not be yours.. I ask this as i am heading to t-sled first of the week and would be nice to show them some input from others.. May speed up the devolpment of the fit kit as they have said they cant promise when they will get to a one off apt. Build.. I dont need my bike now so it can sit there untill they get it done but rather see it move along yet this season.. I will pass the dealer price on to the first few guys willing to drop the $$ . I just want to see what the interest might be on the mt. Here in oregon when i have mine sitting there for them to ride.. I will have a 505 bored to 549 also tracked for the guys that have a bike like that (450/535/690ect) as that is where the most kits will be sold . I just think it would be a fun "job" for me as i am lucky enough to not need a real one.. So i'm not asking for deposits just real interest to make it more fun for me..
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