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How 'bout in the last week..

I have; replaced grips, changed oil (and, as an aside, am experimenting with a new oil weight (went from 20W-50 Amsoil Motorcycle to 15W-40 Amsoil Marine and Diesel)) Changed Final Drive Lube..Changed Tranny Lube (switched weights here as well..from 75W-140 to 75W-110), put new plugs in, balanced Throttle Bodies and put stock exhaust back on.

Changed oil weights since I live where it gets cold now..have to admit the tranny shifts better than ever..We'll see on engine oil..the time before I ran "non" motorcycle had a consumption problem versus the motorcycle oil..took the cool guy can off and went back to just needed richened back up looking at the plugs..

In all honesty, it runs better than ever..the can is just's the Bronco of the motorcycle world..

Oh..and installed ALT Rider crash Bars and skid Plate..and went to Seattle to pose for the new ALT Rider catolog..(Disclaimer, I am in no way connected to Alt Rider and didn't buy my product "from" them) Was just the first GSA to get the bars..
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