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We had stopped for fuel for the last time, there was possibly no fuel for 200+ miles if Wild Bill wasn't selling some in Atlantic City, WY. Matter of fact we didn't even go through Atlantic city - SHORTCUT!
Didn't matter to me, as I now could carry 9 gallons of fuel on my GS that I could easily share with Nancy, so we were all set and had a range well over 200 miles each.

The landscape was ever-changing, from thick forests and jagged mountains to rolling scrubland, as I call it.
The sun was getting low, and we were looking for a place to camp, knowing "campgrounds" would be full we ventured off the CDR scrubland section and into the mountains.
Nancy was still saying now and then "I'm riding my bike on dirt roads in WYOMING!"
The amazement in her eyes was so awesome to see for me.

BTW, many of my photos from this trip are geotagged, you can see the exact location using the Smugmug Maps feature found in my gallery

Once again the sun was beating me, my main concern was water as we only had what was in our hydration packs on our backs, and both of us used Camelbak Elixer tablets, her with caffeine, mine without. Not that the lack of water was life threatening, but we needed to find a water source in order to have coffee in the morning and that's pretty important....
Right before I lost the race with the sun, we climbed up enough up in the mountains and finally passed a nice flowing stream to fill the Gravity Works Dirty bag I keep handy in my backpack.
As we climbed there were conflicting sign saying Private Property, and National Forest land.
We came upon a seldom used two track road and found this small meadow to camp in, hopefully we weren't trespassing...
The temperature was dropping fast as we were pretty high up, it already 40 at sunset.
Having water, beers, fresh food, with the stars coming out, music paying on the Jambox, and each other life could't be better.

Then there's Nancy gathering wood, always good.

Here you go Corey, bacon wrapped turkey filet's with wild rice with green pepper.... mmmmm..... the first of many fine meals cooked on wood coals on the ground.
Food prepared outside like this, cooked on wood coals with all the stars, sounds, and smells inevitably taste far better than anything cooked in a kitchen IMO.
Hell, I can hardly eat steak anymore except when camping cause I'm just disappointed with anything else.

Packing, unpacking. Packing, unpacking. Packing, unpacking. Packing, unpacking.
The Wolfman bags are quite stout, but a bloody pain in the ass to secure day in and day out if you have them packed tightly.....

Now comes the wide open expanses the Wyoming has to offer, with beauty found everywhere in the vastness. The CDR in this section is a well maintained grated gravel road, enter SHORTCUT, and FRONT ROW to the world!!!

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