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Pumping Fuel...

One hell of a day of the best riding, we had Front Row seat on our bikes to the world, and SHORTCUT! challenges all day with a nice mix of two track and gravel roads.
To top it off, we found the perfect campsite down an ATV trail, of the "main" dirt road with a fast flowing stream right next to us.
It was shower day, having a nearby water source was imperative.

Nancy was a real sport and had taken to camping like a Lab to water. She packed very light, didn't mind taking a crap in the woods, would eat beans out of can washed down with crappy warm beer, and never complained about anything. (Not that I ever made her eat beans, but she would!)
But, with that said, I had promised a shower every other day, and it was time cause she was covered in dust, and her hair was like a dirt sponge.

The Pocket Shower was the answer, packing down about the same size as a pack of cigs, this would be a great inexpensive purchase to keep Nancy feeling like a women while living in the woods.

Just 2 pots of boiling water heated up on the Eta Express, combined with cold water, all filtered, gave us a 7 minute warm shower in this lush, green forest that was our home for the night in fuck-all-nowhere Wyoming.
I did a little climbing to get the shower in just the right spot, since this was a new tool to carry I'm still figuring out the best way to get the most out of it.
As Nancy showered she kept repeating, "I can't believe how nice this is!"
Money can't buy these experiences, there's no resort you can go to, you just have to create them on your own. Life is good in our house tonight.

While I got the water ready, and built a huge fire out of small pieces of wood I had chopped up, Nancy defended our campsite from a powerful invading force of killer logs!
Die logs die!
Don't mess with Nancy.

After the shower we had a natural hair dryer, with a soon to be a nice bed of coals to cook another delicious dinner on.

What more can I ask for?

Sorry, no photos of the actual showering you dirty bastards......

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