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Originally Posted by RayAlazzurra View Post
I have never spent days at a time as a motorcycle vagabond, but I have spent a lot of nights on the road. Old radio shows, e-books, and audio books are a great companion.

Here is a radio show link:

I tend to get bored by the old comedies, but some of the writing for mystery and sci-fi shows like X-Minus One was really clever.

I don't want to hi-jack the thread since I'm sure there are dozens of ADV threads about electronic stuff, but I am curious as to what you are using... A laptop computer or better yet a little netbook is great, but battery life is limited. One can always wire a little inverter to the Sherpa battery for charging. My wife has a Nook e-reader which is easy on the eyes and has long battery life, but does not have a lighted screen so you would need a candle lantern. (much better than flashlight) I used a company i-phone for a while and it was a fine do it all device except for the tiny screen. My wife has an i-pod touch that she has seldom touched. It is an i-phone without the phone. (It still plays music, audio books, and has wi-fi internet connection, etc.)

I don't know what I would take if I were doing a trip like yours. Probably a cheap netbook and a good old fashioned paperback or two. A lot of libraries in little towns will sell used books or even give them away. The amazing thing is how enjoyable it can be to have no TV or internet for hours. I get used to hearing crickets.

I took the dog for a walk at a small campground near horseshoe lake in southern illinois today. The campground was closed and I'm not sure why? The dog did not care. Have you run into this little problem with your free camping plan? My guess is that no one would have noticed if I had pitched a tent at the little campground I found today. I think they just want to keep the motorhomes out for part of the year so they don't have to clean the showers and bathroom.
Hi Ray,

People are welcome to hijack this thread anytime they want. Great ideas about audio books and radio shows. I used an iPod touch last trip for emailing and checking ADV. But you are right it is small. I think the new iPad mini that came out this week might be the best tool. Decent camera, thin and light, lots of apps for it, 7 inch screen is portable yet not so small as the touch, twice the battery life of a netbook.

But this trip I am using cheap digital cameras and this 11" Macbook Air laptop. It works well so far. Smaller is better though.

The nice thing about shoestring moto camping is that it opens your eyes to all the creative free possible camping spots out there.

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