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Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper View Post
Wow! Another great year, glad you went ahead and posted about it.
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper View Post
Not to go down the Tire Thread Road but... When do you run your Trials Tire? When you know it's going to be dry? Lot's of massive logs to clear? Or maybe when the knobby is at the Cleaners??? I run one pretty much all the time but noticed that you switched for a few of the races.

And No! I don't have any Oil questions!
Rotella is best!

I like trials tires a lot, I think they are great, and especially when there's a lot of roots and rocks, they just do a superb job in that stuff as long as you run low pressure. When I do use one, I use dual opposing rim locks, ultra heavy duty tubes, and run about 6 lbs of pressure for best effect. They require low pressure to work, they don't work right if you run the normal 12 lbs or so that you would put in a knobby. I don't think they really suffer in sand or regular soil much, but no real advantage there, either. And in mud and muck, they don't do so hot. I do have a spare set of wheels and I keep a trials tire mounted on the rear of my spare set, and put it on when I think it will do well. But if there's an MX track component to the race, or if I don't think it's going to be too rooty (haha wishful thinking in most cases) or rocky (probably only two venues so far meet that description) I will put on a regular knobby.

Not that it probably matters a whole lot, at my level of racing, probably just about anything will work, but at least in my mind, by doing that, I sleep better knowing I've given myself every advantage that I can control. But in the end, it probably doesn't really matter too much what I run, whether it's a rounded off old knobby, a fresh one, or a trials tire. I seem to ride about the same either case.
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