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Woke up this morning and looked out the tent:

The temps had dropped from the 80s yesterday to the 40s this morning. The north winds that blew all night brought in a cold front and the camping spot looked like somewhere in Scotland this morning, with gray skies and spitting rain:

I headed down the way to the Roll the Bones rally near Hamilton Texas where I signed up and paid the 25 dollar entry fee to Ghost Rider. I was told to look for the 375 lb big dude. He wasn't hard to find:

Went over to the nice hotel across the way and helped UlyBrad unload his KTM. He brought it as a spare bike for someone to ride in case they biffed. As you can see, a fishing accident has taken out his left arm so he and his lovely wife were riding in the sag truck behind the dirt riders on today's ride. Here is Brad:

Nice guy. The riders assembled in the parking lot getting ready to take off out around rural Texas:

Slowoldguy is in the center with the goatee at a riders meeting for the dirt riders. Actually I removed this picture since I was informed Slowloldguy doesn't like his picture on the internet. I respect his wishes. Nothing wrong with that. He is a nice tall guy who rides like he means it. And that is all we need to know.

I dropped in behind Slowoldguy, since I just arrived and didn't have the maps that had been handed out to pre-registered folks. Slowoldguy wheelied out of the parking lot and took off. He isn't that old and if he's slow I'd like to see fast. He kept losing all the riders in the back. I stayed behind him and found that when he lifted the front tire and his pipe started barking it was time to whack the Sherpa throttle and keep it pinned in order to keep up. He was going freeway fast down the straight flat dirt sections. This guy can ride. After 20 miles he would stop and wait for the others to show up. I followed him for much of the 100 mile ride to the ribs. Between the creek crossings followed by Slowoldguy whacking the throttle and kicking up a dust storm my riding pants and boots looked like I had been through a war.

We were moving too fast for pictures. Sorry. Well okay, I got this shot of Sam from Houston who stopped to say hi while we were waiting for Slowoldguy to ride back and find the stragglers. Sam had read this ride report and got a picture with me:

Finally arrived at the rib shack and parked under the trees:

These Texas boys have some nice bikes. I think this is an HP3 but don't quote me:

They even gave me a TexasADV sticker with a tiretread running over it. Nice design. I put it on the gas tank:

I split a rib dinner with Becky. She was the only woman rider on the dirt ride. She was riding her friends KTM450. She is going to Colorado to get the metal removed from her left arm soon so this will be her last riding for a while. Great rider. Sweet and tough. She is planning on going to South America in 2013 with her friend Andrea on a couple DRZ's. Those guys are going to have a blast! Here's a pic of Becky:

Hoofed it back 50 miles to the rally where I am now writing this up quickly so I can head over to the bonfire and meet more ADVriders. This is my office for the evening over in the hotel in front of the fire:

Reporting in from the Roll the Bones rally in central Texas where people are still streaming in this evening. Quite a few more riders than I was thinking would be here. This is quite a big shindig. Have to run. More tomorrow when the fun really gets started...

John Downs
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